Powerfully Position Yourself for a Promotion, Pivot or Transition Quickly
Don’t wait to step into your next role to maximize your leadership potential and make the biggest impact!
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What you will learn
Secrets of Leadership Confidence
Learn confidence-building techniques that you need to build and maintain leadership confidence.
Critical Leadership Capabilities
Unpack the 4 capabilities you need to develop, and learn how to prioritize each one to achieve the greatest career gain.
Discover your Competitive Edge
Discover how to maintain the competitive advantage in your career by learning and using the unwritten rules of the promotions game.
"I shifted from doing everything for everyone else and being exhausted as that 'go to' person, to learning how to focus and lead purpose-driven. I have increased my visibility with my company and now have more responsibilities including leading an entire team (something I thought I couldn't do a year ago). This changed the course of my career and my life for the better."

- Tracie, Associate Government Analyst
Career Confidence

Learn how to Powerfully Position Yourself for a Promotion, Pivot or Transition

Rewired Conversation
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Meet Dr. Sanchez

I am Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez, Ph.D., a Neuropsychologist, Organizational Development Expert, and Executive Coach. As an Award Winning 3x Best Selling Author and Industry Expert my work has also been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, A/E and Bravo, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. My sweet spot is working with women leaders to teach them how to effectively navigate the politics of promotion, and utilize a strategic approach to advancing in their careers.

I am on a mission to impact 1 million leaders and help them to transform their professional lives by teaching them how to accelerate their career trajectory, by helping them to acquire necessary and critical leadership skills, earn what you are worth, and recognize your inherent value. I have taught thousands of women leaders how to gain the competitive advantage using my proven methods-and that’s why I am so excited that you have decided to take this critical step to advance your career.

When we work together, my commitment to you will be to help you transform your view of yourself. Over the long term, my goal is to help you fulfill your potential, break down barriers, and create a meaningful impact; so you can position yourself for that next level opportunity that you desire. Ultimately, you will also recognize beyond any doubt that you are a much different person than when we started working together. Let’s make it happen!

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